The Financial Impact of Having a Criminal Record Sealed

Being tagged as a former convict can have far-reaching implications, especially in the financial sphere. Here’s how sealing or expunging your record can potentially affect your financial standing in Georgia.

1. Improved Employment Prospects:

With a clean record, you stand a better chance of securing gainful employment. Many employers conduct background checks and having a clear record can boost your chances of landing the job.

2. Access to Housing Opportunities:

A criminal record can affect your ability to secure housing as many landlords conduct criminal background checks. By having your record sealed or expunged, you can widen your housing options.

3. Access to Education and Scholarships:

Certain criminal records can hinder your ability to secure educational opportunities or scholarships. Clearing your record can open these doors again.

4. Lower Insurance Premiums:

Some insurance companies consider your criminal history while determining your premiums. Sealing or expunging your record might lead to more favorable insurance rates.

5. Better Loan Approval Chances:

A criminal record can be a red flag for lenders. A clean record can increase your chances of loan approval and possibly even secure better interest rates. Sealing or expunging your record in Georgia can have a significant positive impact on your financial health. Always consult with a legal professional to ensure the process is done correctly and efficiently.

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