What Our Clients Say About us

Recently, I used a RecordZap and the outcome was excellent. Throughout the entire process, the team displayed professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness. They made sure I understood everything along the way and kept me updated on how my case was doing.

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Rita Garcia

RecordZap Customer

My criminal record has been cleared thanks to RecordZap’s expertise and hard work, giving me a new lease on life! I can now move forward without being held back by past mistakes. I would strongly advise anyone looking to start over and leave their past behind to use RecordZap.

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Deiondre Williams

RecordZap Customer

RecordZap was a life saver, literally. I got arrested for DUI in Los Angeles and was worried my employer would find out. RecordZap was able to expunge my record and clear my name. Thankgoodness for their smart and talented lawyers. Service was fast. A+

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Jenny Agora-Klein

RecordZap Customer