Busting 5 Persistent Myths About Criminal Record Expungement

Busting 5 Persistent Myths About Criminal Record Expungement and Sealing in Georgia Criminal record expungement and sealing can provide a fresh start for many. However, misconceptions often deter people from pursuing this option. Let’s debunk five common myths about record expungement and sealing in Georgia.

Myth 1: Expungement Completely Erases Your Record

Expungement does not erase your record entirely; it simply removes it from public view. Certain agencies, like law enforcement, may still have access to your record.

Myth 2: Expungement is a Quick Process

The process for expungement in Georgia is not necessarily quick. It’s a legal procedure that requires careful preparation and filing, and may include a court hearing.

Myth 3: Only Minor Offenses can be Expunged

This is a common misconception. In Georgia, a range of offenses may be eligible for expungement or record sealing, subject to certain conditions.

Myth 4: Expungement Guarantees a Clean Start

While expungement does remove your record from public view, it does not guarantee that no record of your past convictions exist. Certain agencies may still have access to this information.

Myth 5: Expungement and Record Sealing are the Same

Although similar, expungement and record sealing are different. Expungement removes a conviction from your record, while record sealing simply restricts who can access this information. We can explain to you what can be done with your record with a quick phone call to us.

Don’t let these myths deter you from seeking the fresh start you deserve. Always seek accurate information and legal advice when considering expungement or record sealing in Georgia.

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