How Criminal Record Sealing and Expungement Impact Future Employment in Georgia

A criminal record can be a barrier to employment. Here’s how record sealing and expungement can impact your future employment in Georgia

1. Better Job Opportunities:

Most employers conduct background checks. An expunged record gives you a better shot at employment as it removes certain convictions from public view.

2. Record Sealing Helps Too:

While not as comprehensive as expungement, record sealing can still enhance job prospects by restricting access to your criminal history.

3. Not a Guarantee:

While helpful, expungement or sealing doesn’t guarantee employment. Other factors like your skills, qualifications, and the employer’s policies play a role.

4. Some Professions Are Exceptions:

In certain professions like law enforcement, education, and healthcare, employers may still access sealed or expunged records under Georgia law.

5. Honest Discussion:

If a potential employer somehow learns of your past convictions, be prepared to discuss it honestly, focusing on the lessons learned and your personal growth since then. Understanding the impact of record sealing and expungement on employment is crucial to making the most out of these legal provisions in Georgia.

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