Your Fresh Start: A Guide to Sealing Your Criminal Records in Pennsylvania

Living with a criminal record can present many challenges, affecting everything from employment prospects to housing and credit applications. Luckily, Pennsylvania provides an opportunity for eligible individuals to seal their criminal records, effectively concealing them from public view. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the process of sealing a criminal record in Pennsylvania and explain the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Sealing a Criminal Record in Pennsylvania:

To qualify for sealing a criminal record in Pennsylvania, the following criteria must be met:

  • No new arrests or convictions since the offense you aim to seal. There may be some exceptions. Call us and we’ll advise you based on your particular record.
  • Completion of your sentence, including probation or parole.
  • No pending charges or warrants.

The Sealing Process in Pennsylvania:

Sealing a criminal record in Pennsylvania involves several stages:

Obtain a copy of your criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police. File a petition for limited access (sealing) with the court where you were convicted. A hearing may be scheduled, where you can present your case for sealing your record. If the court approves your petition, your record will be sealed, and in many instances you can legally deny the conviction in most circumstances. We can talk you though when it’s okay to do that and when it may not be.

Benefits of Sealing Your Criminal Record in Pennsylvania:

Sealing your criminal record can provide numerous benefits, including better job opportunities, eligibility for certain types of housing, and improved access to credit. It can also grant a fresh start and protection from potential discrimination due to your criminal record.

While sealing a criminal record in Pennsylvania is a detailed and involved process, it can lead to significant life improvements. However, the eligibility requirements are strict, and it’s crucial to engage an experienced attorney to navigate the process. If you’re contemplating sealing your criminal record, thoroughly research the requirements and seek professional legal advice to ensure the best outcome. With a sealed record, you can confidently step forward into a brighter future.

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