Busting 5 Persistent Myths About Criminal Record Expungement in Pennsylvania

Criminal record expungement and sealing in Pennsylvania can be a beacon of hope for those seeking to put past records behind them. However, misconceptions about expungement often deter people from exploring this potentially life-changing opportunity. This blog post aims to debunk five prevalent myths about criminal record expungement and sealing in Pennsylvania.

Myth 1:

Expungement Wipes

Your Record Clean One pervasive myth about expungement suggests that it entirely erases your criminal record. In truth, while expungement and limited access can remove your conviction from public view in Pennsylvania, your record might still appear on numerous third-party websites.
Our attorneys at RecordZap.com can assist in removing your information from these websites. Despite successful court-ordered expungement, your record may remain accessible online, influencing employers’ background checks and public perception. Get started with removing your record from the internet with us. Call and ask about this service. Do note that specific agencies, like law enforcement or government agencies, may still access your record. We can give you answers specific to your record.

Myth 2:

Expungement in Pennsylvania

Is a Quick Process Another prevalent myth suggests expungement is a speedy, straightforward process that where professional legal assistance is purposeless. In reality, the process can complex. There are lots of laws and procedures impacting even the first (seemingly) basic step to determine eligibility. It’s not really that basic. It also can be extremely time-consuming for people who don’t know the system. The fact is many firms make sure your file gets meticulous preparation and correct filing. Eligibility and the process can vary across the various charges and convictions, reinforcing the importance of having an attorney handle this potentially complex process.

Myth 3:

Expungement is Only for Petty Crimes Contrary to popular belief, expungement and sealing isn’t exclusively reserved for minor offenses. Pennsylvania permits expungement and sealing for a range of crimes, though eligibility criteria may vary.

Myth 4:

Expungement Guarantees a Spotless Start While expungement can facilitate a fresh start by clearing your record, it doesn’t assure absolute erasure of your past. Certain employers, licensing agencies, or curious internet users can potentially access your past convictions. Our attorneys at RecordZap.com can assist in removing your information from these websites, even after a successful court-ordered expungement. Start the process to take your record off the internet here. Keep in mind, certain agencies, such as law enforcement or government agencies, may still have access to your record. We can explain under what circumstances.

Expungement and record sealing in Pennsylvania

Presents a unique opportunity for people to rise above past mistakes and embrace new possibilities. With a sound knowledge of the requirements and processes, you can decide if expungement or sealing is the right course for you. Remember, specific requirements and eligibility can differ across jurisdictions, so consult with our experienced attorneys or research specific requirements in your area.

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